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Preparing for a Hospital Stay

Pre-operative Instructions:

  • Arrange for transportation home after your surgery. You are not permitted to drive a motor vehicle for 24 hours after your day surgery procedure or endoscopy. You will be released in the company of a responsible adult.
  • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before your surgery unless otherwise directed from the nurse in the Preoperative Assessment Clinic or the surgeon or anesthesiologist.
  • You may take medications as ordered by your surgeon or the anesthesiologist on the morning of your surgery with a sip of water.
  • Do not bring any valuables or jewelry with you.
  • Arrive at the hospital two hours prior to your surgery time. Report to the Admitting Department. Bring your Manitoba Health Card and other medical insurance cards with you.

What you may bring, for stays in the general wards:

  • Clothing, such as slippers and bath robes
  • Eyeglasses, dentures, watches
  • Toiletries
  • Reading material

It is a good idea to label your personal items, including clothing, with your name and phone number.

Please leave large sums of money (more than $20), jewelry and other valuables at home. If you have valuables with you at the time of admission, we recommend that a family member take your belongings home. If this is not possible, jewelry, money, cell phones, glasses, watches and wallets can be placed for safekeeping at the Patient Inquiry desk. Any larger items can be placed for safekeeping with the Security Department.

Other items to leave at home include:

  • Items of sentimental value,
  • Irreplaceable papers,
  • Credit cards,
  • Cell phones and other wireless communications devices,
  • Plug in appliances, such as electric shavers and hair dryers,
  • Expensive clothing and outerwear,
  • Alarm clocks,
  • Radios, music players, iPods, computers

Concordia Hospital is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please keep this in mind when deciding what to bring.


If you have money in your possession upon admission, please send this money home with a family member of friend. If a family member is not present while you are being admitted, present to the Patient Inquiry Desk so your valuables can be deposited for safekeeping. If you are not able to present to the Patient Inquiry Desk to deposit your valuables, please ask your nurse for assistance.

Claiming your valuables from patient inquiry

Any valuables that have been deposited for safekeeping can be picked up from Patient Inquiry on discharge.

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