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Welcome to Concordia Hospital

COVID-19 Information

Be sure to visit the Province of Manitoba website for the information and resources related to COVID-19.

A Message for All Patients, Families, Visitors, Suppliers, Vendors  and Health-Care Service providers,

Updated Public Health guidance includes the loosening of a number of restrictions for Manitobans in indoor public spaces and private businesses, to take effect August 7, 2021. This includes a move to recommend the wearing of masks, rather than to require they be worn.

Masks continue to be required in health care settings

In health care environments, where individuals at greater risk of severe illness from COVID-19 are more likely to be present and where individuals exposed to – or suffering from – the virus are likely to seek care and treatment, masks will continue to be required – and must be worn – by all visitors and staff.

This means there is no change to the current requirement for masks to be worn in acute, long term care and community settings.

While vaccines are proven to be extremely effective, there remains a small risk that a fully vaccinated individual could contract or spread COVID-19. In health care settings, the continued use of masks is an added layer of protection that we can offer our patients/resident/clients, their family members and our colleagues.

As a health-care provider, our obligation remains to protect the health and safety of those we care for and to ensure that our places of work, Manitoba’s hospitals, clinics, personal care homes and administrative/non-clinical areas, avoid or minimize outbreaks of COVID-19.

Medical masks  and additional personal protective equipment that may be required according to the setting or situation, are proven to protect our staff/patients/residents/clients – from potential exposure and the requirement to isolate.

Medical masks will continue to be provided at entrances to our facilities and individuals, including patients, approved visitors, service providers and all staff, must wear a mask when entering and passing through a health care facility. While exceptions exist for medical conditions that do not allow a mask to be worn, exemption cards from the internet will not be accepted.

Staff  at health care facilities will continue to self-screen before work and to respect physical distancing (six feet, two metres) and labelled room capacity.

Please note that there is no change to visitor restrictions and screening requirements at hospital entrances at this time:

Why aren’t visitors (vaccinated and unvaccinated) allowed to come and go from hospitals  as they please (e.g. any hours, any days)?

  • COVID-19 remains a threat to patients who may be more vulnerable to serious illness if they contract the virus. To minimize the risk of COVID-19 outbreaks visitation principles remain in place.
  • The number of visitors a patient can have varies, and is dependent on COVID-19 activity and pandemic level (which is determined by the Chief Provincial Public Health Officer) and the amount of space available at the site to allow for physical distancing.
  • Visiting hours and the number of visitors permitted are determined to ensure that resources available to manage visits safely.

I am a fully vaccinated designated family caregiver or visitor. Why do I need to wear personal protective equipment when I visit?

  • Personal protective equipment (masks and eyewear) is effective at preventing and reducing the spread of COVID-19 and continues to be required as an additional protection patients.

Why do fully vaccinated General Visitors have to maintain physical distancing when visiting? Why is this different from the requirements of Essential Care Caregivers?

  • Physical distancing of 2 meters/6 feet continues to be recommended whenever possible, including for designated family caregivers. As important partners in the care of patients, designated family caregivers often perform tasks that make physical distancing not possible. They are therefore provided with additional personal protective equipment (level 1 mask and eye protection) and education in infection prevention and control as protection for moments and tasks when maintaining physical distancing is not possible.

Out Patient services and Hospital based clinics

The guidelines for hospital based outpatient clinics in hospital remain the same. By virtue of their locations, hospital-based clinics may face additional restrictions. The goal is to continue to decrease in-person volumes where possible :

  • Patients must attend outpatient services along unless an essential care provider is required.
  • Out patients must continue to follow current Public Health guidance and requirements (hand hygiene, infection prevention and control protocols and physical distancing);

If you have not yet been fully vaccinated, please consider the benefits of the COVID-19 vaccine not only for your own protection but also for the health and protection of those around you. Vaccines are safe and they work.

Visits by suppliers/vendors/contractors/company representatives (Supplier Representatives) to health-care facilities, should be continue to be limited to those essential on-site service and repairs necessary to support ongoing health-care operations. Supplier Representatives providing essential and/or critical equipment repairs, installations or construction will be screened for symptoms and exposure prior to entering a health care facility. Individuals who do not pass screening, will NOT be permitted to enter.

For Supplier Representatives visiting a site/facility/unit from other Canadian provinces/territories, requests may be approved by the appropriate department/unit manager. For requests related to out-of-country supplier representatives, the approval process is unchanged. Call 1-833-784-4397.

Thank you for your continued vigilance.  

Guide to Visiting at Concordia Hospital

For more than 15 months, general visitation at Concordia Hospital has been restricted as we have focused our efforts on preventing the spread of COVID19 among our inpatient populations, families and staff.  While it is important to remember that COVID19 levels in Manitoba remain high, every effort has been made to allow for a balanced approach between these necessary preventative measures and the important support that ongoing visitation from loved ones provides.  

We are therefore very pleased that our Visitor Guidelines are changing!
As vaccination rates among patients and staff, and in the community, continue to rise, some expanded visitation for fully immunized patients and their fully immunized visitors will occur.  Please note this change only applies to general/social visitors.  There is no change for essential care partners.

Please look at the new guidelines for visiting that will be effective Wednesday June 23, 2021.  Visiting hours at Concordia Hospital are from 10:00am-7:00pm, seven days a week. Please note that Visitation Guidelines may be adjusted in the case of a potential or confirmed COVID-19 outbreak or upon the direction of the Chief Provincial Public Health Officer.

On Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021 we will begin expanding visitor access for fully vaccinated general visitors on inpatient units only.

Visitation in a number of areas such as Urgent Care, diagnostic services, outpatient departments and day procedures will remain restricted due to high patient volumes and lack of space for social distancing in these clinics.

Please note this change only applies to general/social visitors.  There is no change to access for Essential care partners who provide vital support to their loved ones in hospital.
Essential Care partners do not have to be vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus.   

Visitation on inpatient units in End of Life situations will continue to be assessed on a case by case basis.

Fully vaccinated general visitors are any member of the public who may safely visit a specific patient at CH indoors or outdoors who have received both doses (any combination) of an approved two dose COVID-19 vaccine (AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna), OR a single dose of an approved single dose COVID-19 vaccine (Janssen /Johnson & Johnson) with more than 14 days having passed since the second dose (or approved sole dose) was received.
Expanded visitation requires that both the visitor and the patient or resident are fully vaccinated.

What proof of vaccination is acceptable?
Multiple options are acceptable.  Concordia Hospital will confirm whether the visitor meets the criteria (received both doses of COVID-19 vaccine, with second dose received at least 14 days prior).  We will not record or retain record of vaccination status and as such proof of vaccination will need to be provided at each visit.

Manitobans can find and print their vaccine records through the Shared Health Online Results Portal

The new immunization card is available for application at

Documentation may include any one of the following:

Photo  ID will be required to ensure the vaccination documentation presented belongs to the visitor.  In instances where photo ID is not available, on a case-by-case basis, other forms of identification can be accepted.

  • Children between the ages of 12-18 must provide proof of vaccination but will not be required to produce photo identification.  Those under the age of 12, must pass screening and can visit with a fully vaccinated adult.

Visitors from other areas in Canada will be asked to provide proof of vaccination from their home jurisdiction.

All visitors must show proof of vaccination status each time they enter a facility and must continue to follow all screening and IP&C requirements (use of medical masks and protective eyewear, hand hygiene, physical distancing, and enhanced cleaning/disinfection).

Screening:  Visitors will not be permitted to visit if they do not meet the screening criteria.  Screening will include:

  • Verifying whether visitors are listed as “Essential Care Providers” or fully vaccinated “General Visitors”
  • Ensuring all Visitors clean their hands before proceeding to the unit.
  • Assessing Visitors for symptoms of COVID-19 or known exposure to COVID-19 prior to each visit.
  • Determining if Visitors have travelled beyond the boundaries set out by the Provincial Public Health Office, within the past 14 days.   Fully vaccinated individuals, upon providing proof that they have received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, including a second dose more than 14 days before their planned visit, are able to visit, even if they have travelled within Canada in the past 14 days.

This is the first expansion of visitation on our road back to a more normal state, and it will be done carefully and safely to ensure the ongoing protection of those in our care.

 General guidelines

  • Visit information must be retained for 30 days for the purpose of contact tracing. Information related to an individual’s vaccination status  will  not be retained.
  • Number of visitors: Only 1 general visitor allowed at a time (up to 2 at a time from the same household)
  • Visiting Hours: Visitation will occur during general visitation hours i.e. 10a.m-7 p.m, seven days a week
  • Visits per day: Each General Visitor will access to the facility no more than once per day and will be screened
  • In-room visits: may occur between fully vaccinated patients and fully vaccinated visitors provided physical distancing is maintained.
  • Shared room visits: All patients must be fully vaccinated. If a patient in the room is not fully vaccinated, the facility will determine whether another location is available and feasible for the visit.
  • Bringing outside food or food from the vending machine to the unit: Visitors are not permitted to eat or drink in patient care areas, including resident’s rooms.  General Visitors and Essential Care Partners are asked to go directly to the patient’s room and to please not stop off at the hospital cafeteria.
  • Visitors Using the  washroom on the unit: All Visitors are asked to use the public washrooms available on the Main Floor

Based on evaluation of risk, as well as operational clinical judgement, we may be unable to facilitate visits for certain patients.

Thank you for your patience and consideration as we work to make visiting safe and enjoyable for everyone.

COVID-19 Outbreak Update – April 2021

We are pleased to announce over Concordia Hospital remains COVID-19 outbreak free since early January 2021.  We do not have any COVID-19 positive inpatient cases at the facility.   Undoubtedly, practices initiated over the course of the last year have been successful in reducing the risk of transmission of COVID 19 in our hospitals and communities.  Our hospital staff ,  physicians and administration remain committed to vigilance in following the guidelines and policies set by Public Health Agency of  Canada (PHAC)  to ensure the safety of the  patients we serve, their  families, the community and our staff and physicians.         

As such, updated guidance from the PHAC recommends the use of medical masks by all staff, physicians, vendors, in-patients, out patients and visitors to acute health-care facilities and personal care homes as of March 15, 2021.   These efforts are aimed at finding a  balance between preventing the spread of this virus and ensuring we are able to ensure safe interaction between patients and their loved ones throughout every part of the Concordia Hospital and Concordia Place.  Your cooperation is very much appreciated.

Update: Medical Mask Use at Concordia Hospital and Concordia Place – March 15, 2021

Many thanks.

Valerie Wiebe, RN, BN. MN
President & Chief Operating Officer
Concordia Hospital and Concordia Place

letter to patients/families re: visitation level red 

To help stop the spread of COVID-19, the following measures will continue:

  • Restriction of visits to the inpatient units as per the Provincial Guidelines. We encourage families to continue virtual visits with their loved one.
  • Enhanced environmental cleaning and disinfection of high touch surfaces.
  • Ensuring the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment, including donning and doffing of equipment.
  • Ensuring the proper inpatient use of Level 1 procedure masks.
  • Ensuring physical distancing on units and common areas.
  • Promoting proper hand hygiene practices.

Concordia Hospital remains open. Clinics and procedures continue as usual.

We are doing all that we can to contain transmission of COVID-19. Our efforts continue to keep patients, staff and our community safe.

Regular updates will be provided on this web page as the situation unfolds. 

Valerie Wiebe │ President/COO
Concordia Hospital / Concordia Place
Tel  204661-7144 |

About Concordia Hospital

Concordia Hospital was started in 1928 by a group of Mennonites who had immigrated to Canada from Russia. Seeing the need for health care in the growing immigrant community they started their first project, which was a 4 bed maternity hospital. This project would grow to become the present Concordia organization, which includes Concordia Hospital and Concordia Place. The blessing they had received by being able to immigrate to Canada motivated them.

Concordia’s mission, vision and values come from this Anabaptist/Mennonite heritage and commitment to mutual aid through compassionate service by offering compassionate care in the name of Christ and in the spirit of Christian community. Our focus is on healing all those we serve.

We believe that we have a mutual obligation to care for each other. Just as those that started Concordia showed it in 1928, we hope that you will feel that obligation as we care for you during your stay at Concordia today.

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