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COVID-19 Information

Be sure to visit the Province of Manitoba website for the information and resources related to COVID-19.

Dear Family member,

Hospital Visitation guideline update December 31, 2021

Manitoba is experiencing a significant surge in COVID-19 cases, with very high test-positivity right across the province. The new Omicron variant is extremely infectious, requiring some temporary additional precautions to ensure the protection of our most vulnerable community members.

Our collective goal is to keep COVID-19 out of hospitals wherever possible and to minimize spread for both the safety of our patients and the protection of our workforce.

Following discussion with infection prevention and control experts and public health, we have made the very difficult decision to temporarily suspend social visits for all patients.

Essential Care Partners will continue to have access to facilities provided they pass all screening requirements. An essential care partner is defined as those providing support in decision making, care coordination and assistance with care as required by the patient. All essential care partners are required to show proof of full vaccination status upon every entry to an acute care facility. Relevant exceptions will be made on a case by case basis.

Definition – Essential Care Partner

An essential care partner is defined as those providing physical, psychological and emotional support, as deemed important by the patient.

This can include:

  • support in decision making, care coordination and continuity of care
  • family members, close friends or other caregivers identified by the patient or substitute decision maker to provide support

This change will take effect December 31, 2021.

We know that this will be disappointing for family members and we are committed to regularly assessing the need for these measures. It is our sincere hope that these additional precautions will be necessary for a very short period of time.

We are continuing to take every precaution to ensure the safety of our patients and staff, and to prevent the spread of COVID-19 within our facilities. With increased COVID-19 activity – and the presence of highly infectious variants – we need to increase protection for our most vulnerable Manitobans.

This includes:

  • A third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine is now available to all Manitobans. This booster dose offers additional protection to those who were vaccinated approximately six months ago;
  • Continued screening of all staff and visitors before entry; and
  • Vigilant infection prevention and control protocols including use of personal protective equipment, proper hand hygiene, physical distancing, etc.

Thank you for your understanding. If you have questions, please reach out to the unit manager or contact Alason Lorimer, Patient Representative 204-661-7116.

covid-19-acute-general-visit-faqs-family.pdf (

Please note – currently hospital visitation is not allowed due to the COVID-19 pandemic – LEVEL RED

letter to patients/families re: visitation level red 

Why aren’t visitors (vaccinated and unvaccinated) allowed to come and go from hospitals  as they please (e.g. any hours, any days)?

  • COVID-19 remains a threat to patients who may be more vulnerable to serious illness if they contract the virus. To minimize the risk of COVID-19 outbreaks visitation principles remain in place.
  • The number of visitors a patient can have varies, and is dependent on COVID-19 activity and pandemic level (which is determined by the Chief Provincial Public Health Officer) and the amount of space available at the site to allow for physical distancing.

I am a fully vaccinated designated family caregiver or visitor. Why do I need to wear personal protective equipment when I visit?

Personal protective equipment (masks and eyewear) is effective at preventing and reducing the spread of COVID-19 and continues to be required as an additional protection patients.

Why do fully vaccinated General Visitors have to maintain physical distancing when visiting? Why is this different from the requirements of Essential Care Caregivers?

  • Physical distancing of 2 meters/6 feet continues to be recommended whenever possible, including for designated family caregivers. As important partners in the care of patients, designated family caregivers often perform tasks that make physical distancing not possible. They are therefore provided with additional personal protective equipment (level 1 mask and eye protection) and education in infection prevention and control as protection for moments and tasks when maintaining physical distancing is not possible.

Out Patient services and Hospital based clinics

The guidelines for hospital based outpatient clinics in hospital remain the same. By virtue of their locations, hospital-based clinics may face additional restrictions. The goal is to continue to decrease in-person volumes where possible :

  • Patients must attend outpatient services along unless an essential care provider is required.
  • Out patients must continue to follow current Public Health guidance and requirements (hand hygiene, infection prevention and control protocols and physical distancing);

If you have not yet been fully vaccinated, please consider the benefits of the COVID-19 vaccine not only for your own protection but also for the health and protection of those around you. Vaccines are safe and they work.

Visits by suppliers/vendors/contractors/company representatives (Supplier Representatives) to health-care facilities, should be continue to be limited to those essential on-site service and repairs necessary to support ongoing health-care operations. Supplier Representatives providing essential and/or critical equipment repairs, installations or construction will be screened for symptoms and exposure prior to entering a health care facility. Individuals who do not pass screening, will NOT be permitted to enter.

For Supplier Representatives visiting a site/facility/unit from other Canadian provinces/territories, requests may be approved by the appropriate department/unit manager. For requests related to out-of-country supplier representatives, the approval process is unchanged. Call 1-833-784-4397.

Thank you for your continued vigilance.  Regular updates will be provided on this website.

Valerie Wiebe │ President/COO
Concordia Hospital / Concordia Place
Tel  204661-7144 |

About Concordia Hospital

Concordia Hospital was started in 1928 by a group of Mennonites who had immigrated to Canada from Russia. Seeing the need for health care in the growing immigrant community they started their first project, which was a 4 bed maternity hospital. This project would grow to become the present Concordia organization, which includes Concordia Hospital and Concordia Place. The blessing they had received by being able to immigrate to Canada motivated them.

Concordia’s mission, vision and values come from this Anabaptist/Mennonite heritage and commitment to mutual aid through compassionate service by offering compassionate care in the name of Christ and in the spirit of Christian community. Our focus is on healing all those we serve.

We believe that we have a mutual obligation to care for each other. Just as those that started Concordia showed it in 1928, we hope that you will feel that obligation as we care for you during your stay at Concordia today.

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