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Well Wishes

Well Wishes PatientSending your Love to Patients

The Concordia Hospital “Well Wishes” program gives you the opportunity to send your special thoughts and best wishes to patients at our facility.

Well wishes from family and friends bring a bright ray of sunshine to recipients, and are a wonderful way to show how much you care.

How it Works

Concordia Hospital Volunteers deliver “Well Wishes” to patients on a daily basis (excluding weekends and holidays). The process is simple. Submit the information below. Our volunteers will receive the printed email and hand deliver it to the patient. If the patient wishes, the volunteer will read the message aloud.

Well Wishes Letter

All messages received are handled confidentially. However, a Concordia Hospital Volunteer Services staff member will need to read these messages in order to ensure content is appropriate (see below). As well, patients may choose to have the message read aloud. If the patient has been discharged, or cannot be located in our facility (some patients request anonymity), your email will be returned.

Send your love through the Concordia Hospital “Well Wishes” program, and make today special for someone close to you in our care.

Please be aware that you are unable to insert pictures or send any form of attachment(s).

Emails intended to conduct personal business, containing questionable content or business/vendor solicitations will be deleted from the system.

Well Wishes

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