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Parking & Transportation

Parking at Concordia for patients and visitors can be found in the parking lots in front of Concordia Hospital and Concordia Place.

Your parking options include the following:

Handicap parking

Handicap parking is available near Urgent Care and the Rehab Services area (back of the building – enter off Kimberley Ave.). Please remember that your handicap decal must be displayed on the rearview mirror when using a handicap parking space.

Hourly parking

Parking is available on an hourly basis in front of both Concordia Hospital and Concordia Place.

Frequent visitor parking

If you need to make many or long visits to Concordia within a short period of time, a weekly parking pass is a convenient and affordable option. A 7 day pass costs $40 and a 30 day pass costs $80. There are a limited number of these available. The pass will work in the South East lot located in front of Concordia Place.

GST is included in these rates. To purchase a pass, contact the Security Services office located in the front lobby of Concordia Hospital or call 204-661-7229.

Meter Parking

Metered parking spaces are available on the front driveway of Concordia Hospital.

Getting to Concordia Hospital


Concordia is located in the North East quadrant of the city and can be reached easily by bus from most areas of the city.

Printed Transit schedules are available at the Front Lobby Ambassador’s kiosk located next to Information in the front lobby. To find your route to Concodia Hospital please visit:


Taxi pickup may also be arranged by using the taxi phones (buttons are located at the bottom of payphone keypads) at our Urgent Care Department and the hospital lobby.

Taxis may pick up and drop off fares at any of our entrances. Please do not order a taxi pickup until you are ready to leave Concordia.

Drop off and pick up

Visitors to Concordia can be dropped off or picked up at any of our major entrances. However, all entrances have a 5-minute loading zone restriction; vehicles cannot be left unattended. Please plan for this when making your arrangements to be picked up or dropped off.

Please be courteous and do not block the way of other drivers, ambulances, health care staff and please adhere to the fire lane restrictions.


Handi-Transit provides public transportation to individuals with disabilities who are unable to use regular Transit service. Door-to-door service is provided, using specially equipped vehicles and taxi cabs.

Registration is required to use Handi Transit. Certain eligibility requirements apply. For more information, call Handi Transit at 204-986-5722 or visit the Winnipeg Transit website.

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